Video Premiere: Pinch Points’ ‘Stainless Steel’ is a punk-filled tribute to a kitchen classic

Pinch Points

Melbourne punk quartet Pinch Points have unveiled the music video for their recent track ‘Stainless Steel’. You’re forgiven if you mistake the clip for some kind of modern-day infomercial, though.

With Pinch Point’s new video, what you see is what you get. The band lazily spin around in an underground carpark while praising the durable qualities of stainless steel. You know what? Fair enough. It’s a groundbreaking invention and we will not hear otherwise.

Even if you’re left scratching your head about the lyrics, the rocking beat and energetic guitar line can be universally understood and respected. The song comes off their recent LP, Moving Parts, which is filled with many more punk-laden tracks.

Check out the clip for Pinch Point’s ‘Stainless Steel’ below:

Pinch Points will be launching their 12-inch LP at Sydney’s 96 Tears on Saturday June 22. For more info, head to the Facebook event.