Video Premiere: Nightmare punk group Horace Bones dial up the intensity for new single ‘Not From Around Here’

Horace Bones
Photo: Blake Ross

The track haunts audiences with themes of frustration and not belonging.

Words by Leland Tan

Known for their dark, psychedelic introspective on the Australian mind, local punk-nightmare outfit Horace Bones have dropped a fresh single from their debut LP Terra. It comes wrapped in the form of a gnarly music video — and boy is it intense.

‘Not From Around Here’ is a wrathful take on an ideological experience in Australia, and addresses specifically the disorientation that follows suit with belonging in a country that was never yours.

“The song deals with the Australian immigrant experience, whether you arrived yesterday or 200 years ago. The identity crisis of non-indigenous people and the damage caused by that,” said frontman Oisin Kelly.

The single was born from a night of cabin fever and a fortuitous stream of consciousness poem, on a hillside in rural Victoria.

Kelly had never intended for it to be released, but soon as the other members had heard the words, the music and song was recorded in a mere 15 minutes, in a single live take. The poem remained unedited and raw.

The single sees the band’s experimental shift from usual monstrosity to addressing an equally realistic terror, with trademark bass lines, animalistic instrumentals, and sinister productions a mainstay for their signature grime.

What results is a showcasing of reverb and disturb unlike any other. The band’s profiles were partially obstructed to provoke the subject of identity, or lack thereof. Its simplicity is brutal, and its story unsettling, drawing viewers in with a blood-like red hue that accompanies haunting vocals.

Check out the clip for ‘Not From Around Here’ below.

Horace Bones kick off their national tour in early June. Tour dates and tickets are available via Damaged Presents.