Tydi: Shooting Stars


He’s been slowing making his climb up the ranks and this album comes at just the right time. Now this album tends to start off well, with some great pop tracks and the intro track itself is something to behold. But then things are broken up with breaks and score-inspired tracks. If you’re expecting an all-out trance album, look elsewhere. This album is Pop-inspired Trance/Progressive littered with many tracks that seem to sound more like filler than actual songs. It’s a shame because to the casual ear it’ll only go unappreciated andeasy to forget. Sex, Lies & Still Obvious is a straight-away winner, as well as Acting Crazy. These are songs that any music fan will love within seconds, that’s for sure. Guest vocalists include Jennifer Rene, Sarah Howells and DJs featured include Tenishia & Protoculture. The final track Ariana could be rated the best album-outro of 2011, so be sure to give it a listen.