Two People’s debut album is so textured and immersive that it’s hard not to fall into a trance

Words by Scott Hudson

First Body is such an immersive, atmospheric experience that it’s not hard to close your eyes and fall into a trance. Each track features a dense instrumental that wouldn’t feel out of place in a Hollywood thriller, and amongst it you will hear Phoebe Lou’s hypnotic vocals that guide you to its meaning.

The dream-pop/electronic genre has been getting its legs across the last decade, and there’s been a struggle of balancing ambience and energy within its discography. Two People walk that line, methodically creating an ambiguous mix of songs you can fall asleep to, but would also fit into the right club environment.

“I miss you/your phone call/do you regret it/I try to forget it,” is an example of the eerie lyricism that floats above the ethereal landscape of ‘Phone Call’. Each track reveals layers to dissect as you refocus on the lyricism, or track the multitude of instruments that fill the mix; the rhythm of drums, choir of vocal harmonies, synths, keys or whatever else you hear.

Underneath each track lies a complex story you can explore. ‘Fading’ details the slow dissolution of a connection: “Till the walls fall down and I fall out/we are fading/feel me fading.” While ‘In the Garden’ chronicles regaining your independence in a relationship.

First Body’s instrumentation has such a strong presence but despite that, it doesn’t overwhelm the vocals as they sit harmoniously in tune with each other. This tracklist is perfect for anyone who wants to add a little intensity to their morning commute or enhance their home’s natural ambience.