This new vintage store lets you rent out second-hand clothes

Stop spending money on retro party costumes.

A brand new vintage store has opened up which allows shoppers to rent second-hand clothes in an effort to stick it to fast fashion.

Open in Northcote, Yarn Yarns already offers quite the vintage arsenal, with dresses and other cute pieces hailing from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s. Each item of clothing available to rent comes with a little story from its original owner.

The brand originally existed as a vintage fashion and clothing blog, but shop founders Sophie and Katherine found a niche that hadn’t been covered yet. By attaching a story to each clothing item, the store owners hope to make shoppers more conscious about the purchasing decisions they’re making.

“The idea is to rekindle our connection to what we wear instead of relying on fast fashion as a quick fix to outfit mishaps or one-off occasions,” the owners said.

“We want to extend the life cycle of every garment by opening our wardrobes up to the world and letting you do the same.”