This Melbourne student is suing his uni for failing him

This Melbourne student is suing his uni for failing him


Many of us have felt cheated by the treachery of university markers, but few of us have the dazzling ambition of Chinmay Naik, a 23-year-old student taking Monash University to the Supreme Court for failing his 19-day late video assignment about negative stereotypes associated with certain dog breeds.

The courts were not Mr Naik’s first destination – he got his assignment remarked with another fail mark, then petitioned the Ombudsmen, and finally the Human Rights Commission. Mr Naik has also wrote to Malcolm Turnbull without reply – safe to say he caught him at a bit of a bad time. A preliminary hearing is to be held soon as to determine whether the case will actually be heard in court. If his supreme court case fails, I think the next option could only reasonably be a postal plebiscite.

Of course, for Mr Naik this is more than just a mere academic canine mishap. He is doing it for his fellow classmates he believes have been equally cheated. Mr Naik told Seven News he believes “there will be a good precedent set if this matter goes to trial.”

Frankly, I think we’re all curious as to the content of Mr Naik’s wildly controversial take on negative stereotypes about certain dog breeds. Perhaps the university is trying to suppress the release of salacious accusations as to who is and whom is not a good boy? Or maybe it is groundbreaking new knowledge in the prestigious study of dogs so revolutionary it threatens the employment of all of the academics staff.

Despite the absurdity, the case does, however, have more serious implications – passing the assignment would grant Mr Naik his degree and allow him to renew his visa, allowing him to pursue his dream career in journalism.