The Song Balm is the music event fostering a connection to country and ourselves

The Song Balm is the music event fostering a connection to country and ourselves

Karen Knowles

How would you describe The Song Balm in under 40 words?

The Song Balm takes people into a soft holding place, opening a deep connection with self while simultaneously enabling the audience to feel the support of our land and a deeper connection to country.

How is the event connected with Earth Hour?

I was so affected by the recent bushfires and the devastation and was thinking about particular dates that would bring into focus the honouring of Mother Earth. Earth Hour came to mind as a global way of honouring the oneness of creation, and doing so locally in a way that artistically invites people into a soft space of connection. In light of the recent bushfires, the topic of climate change is more prominent than ever.

How has the recent phenomenon influenced The Song Balm, if at all?

Recently driving through the devastated areas of the south coast of NSW where there is nothing alive feels so terribly heartbreaking. Once we’ve remembered our connection and held ceremony for what has been lost, we can strategically look at what has led us here and what can be done to change things going forward.

Who will this event appeal to?

Anyone who has been changed and affected by the recent fires, anyone who loves nature and loves Mother Earth, anyone longing for connection and anyone wishing to learn more about dropping into their heart and letting their mind play second fiddle.

Tell us about your connection to The Boite. Why is the organisation so important in the Melbourne music landscape?

The Boite has been an institution in Melbourne for so many years. It plays a really important role in singers’ and musicians’ lives as a supporter of the arts and they really are a wonderful organisation to collaborate with – experienced, fair and trustworthy.

The Song Balm goes down at Carlton’s Church of All Nations on Saturday March 28. Tickets and information via