The inclusive house party celebrating up-and-coming DJs and electronic music

The inclusive house party celebrating up-and-coming DJs and electronic music

Words by Leland Tan

Exposure 003 is an inclusive celebration of local electronic musicians and DJs, teaming up for a night of good times and partying. For its third outing at Red Betty, a diverse lineup of emerging talents is set to impress.

If you’ve ever wanted the experience of a house party in the confines of a bar, Exposure 003 should be marked on your calendar for May. Presenting its third showcase of local DJs and electronic musicians at one of Brunswick’s newest live venues, the gathering has intensified since its inception. It’s essentially an extended house party for anyone who’s up for a good night out.

The brainchild of founders Madeleine Harris and Marina Vujic, both DJs themselves, Exposure is a local collective of techno and electronic dance music up-and-comers. Its primary aim is shining a light on the bedroom DJs who have a voice, but lack the platform.

The collective seeks to provide opportunities not only for those who haven’t had the chance to step up to live turntables, but also to Melburnians who haven’t had the confidence to present their productions anywhere.

“A lot of our friends and the DJs we know started out in bedrooms or at house parties, just experimenting with equipment and different sounds. We loved it, and we all started getting progressively better. We then thought, hey, this could actually be a progression to something we could do,” say Vujic and Harris.

In providing this avenue for musicians, Exposure promises to enrapture crowds with sounds and sets they haven’t heard anywhere else. For the upcoming shindig, they’ve got some specials up their sleeves.

“We’ve got a debut live performance from duo Pressure Systems, who’ve been practicing for almost a year, crafting their set meticulously. They’ve been honing their skills and trying to get to a level they finally feel is worthy,” say Vujic and Harris.

“We’ve also got Miss Mami, a resident of Melbourne collective Craig Mates, who we’re friends with. She’s been around many places, done sets at The Sub Club too. She was extremely happy to jump on board after we approached her at a party.”

Solidifying their home at Red Betty was an easy decision, to make. “We’re Brunswick girls, and we’ve just loved the space it provides us. They have a really great set-up with the staging and the spotlights, which naturally brings out the artists that’re performing.

“Tasty Freak and Attachi Cardiacchi have a really great party vibe to them and they’ve always performed B2B at the numerous house parties they’ve held,” Vujic and Harris say. “A crowd favourite, Hot ‘N’ Heavy are also very established within the house party scene. And it’s not only techno, but a wide range of beats sure to get you moving.”

While Vujic and Harris enjoyed doing their own sets at Exposure 002, they insist the collective is meant to be concentrated on artists and friends that are emerging, and less on their own talents.

“We pride ourselves on inclusiveness, diversity, being welcoming and accepting of emerging DJs that want to showcase their talents, especially female ones who we’ve found have a harder time breaking into the scene.

“All in all, we’re just a really friendly and accepting bunch who want to have a good time partying with anyone out there, and Red Betty has been our special place to do that. We welcome anyone who’s willing to try it out anytime.”

Exposure 003 goes down at Red Betty on Saturday May 11. Entry is free. For more information, head to their Facebook page.