The five best ‘Simpsons’ singalongs, according to Melbourne’s best ‘Simpsons’ cover artist

The five best ‘Simpsons’ singalongs, according to Melbourne’s best ‘Simpsons’ cover artist

Words by BOADZ

1. ‘Monorail’

The first time I performed this for a big audience, I sang “I hear those things are awfully loud” and the whole room shouted back “It glides as softly as a cloud!”, and it’s been my favourite Simpsons singalong ever since. It’s also got the best ending of any song ever – “Mono… D’oh!” 

2. ‘See My Vest’

This is my opening song and it never fails. Everyone knows the words, it’s up tempo and full of energy, and you can’t help but smile at the memory of Mr Burns showing off his ridiculous wardrobe. I really like the vest. 

3. ‘Can I Borrow A Feeling’

Kirk Van Houten’s sad attempt at winning back his estranged bride Luann gave us a love song for the ages, and that sax melody is as catchy as it gets. 

4. ‘Union Strike Folk Song’ 

This is just a standalone nice song, but even better is when the crowd starts it off with a nice “dental plan! Lisa needs braces, dental plan! Lisa needs braces” to set the scene. And, of course, I’ve always got ‘Classical Gas’ up my sleeve for the ending.

5. ‘Dr. Zaius’  

This song has a tasty groove, a banger of a chorus and a call and response with the audience (Q: “What’s wrong with me?” A: “I think you’re crazy.” Q “Want a second opinion!” A: “You’re also lazy!”) Above all, it’s everyone shouting “I love you Dr. Zaius!” at the end that makes the song.

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