The brand new whiskey range handcrafted using all-Aussie ingredients

The brand new whiskey range handcrafted using all-Aussie ingredients

Gospel Whiskey
Gospel Whiskey Solera Rye
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Just in time for summer cocktail season.

If you consider yourself a liquor aficionado, you might want to get around Brunswick-based distillery The Gospel, considering it’s gone and produced a whiskey range made entirely from Aussie ingredients, becoming an industry pioneer in the process.

Rye was commonly used for American spirits up until the Prohibition in the early 20th century. It was then picked up again when Scottish and Irish immigrants settled in America and their native barley didn’t adapt to the US climate. Considering Australia has some of the driest weather in the world, it’s no wonder Rye is a go-to when it comes to distilling.

The Gospel Rye range is made from 100 per cent Mallee Rye, which is then double distilled and matured in Melbourne. With a bottle of Gospel Solera Rye, whiskey connoisseurs can expect to taste hints of caramel and spice, followed by a creme caramel finish on the palette. The Straight Rye whiskey features a freshly-baked bread flavour on the nose, followed by a full caramel taste. The whiskey is perfect to drink straight or you can mix it with a cocktail, some ice or ginger ale if you’re feeling extra bougie.

The Gospel Solera Rye is available now and the Straight Rye will be released early next year. For more info on The Gospel Whiskey, head to the distillery’s website. 

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