The Blue Hotel find performing to be a cathartic experience

The Blue Hotel find performing to be a cathartic experience

Tell us about the creative process behind your new EP, Into The Firelight.

The process was scheduled to last a month, beginning in February 2019, but was marred by a series of personal and familial tragedies. These drawbacks had a huge impact on the creative process. After some re-writes and additional production, the EP was then put through a round of mixing and remixing and utilised three different studios.

What have you learned from playing so many live shows over the past year?

The live shows have been a release for the band as the recording process was so intense. The Blue Hotel seems to be a very cathartic experience live. For four very placid individuals, there is a powerful energy when we play.

Who has influenced your unique style of music?

For this particular writing phase, we were influenced by the works of American abstract impressionists such as Barnett Newman, Jackson Pollock etc. Musically, we share a lot of music back and forth that ranges from electronic ambience to My Bloody Valentine to Röyksopp.

What’s next for The Blue Hotel?

There is a wealth of material written and recorded. There is a planned single to be released within a couple of months from this EP and plans for another EP directly following that. We plan to play as many shows as possible, developing our stage show. 

Into The Firelight is out on Saturday November 30 via Leadlight Records. Keep up to date with The Blue Hotel via the band’s Facebook.