The Australian Events Industry is calling for a lifeline from the government

The Australian Events Industry is calling for a lifeline from the government

Photo by Nick Tamiakis
Words by Kate Streader

The industry is facing financial ruin.

An official petition is set to be presented to the House of Representatives asking for financial stimulus for the Australian Events Industry.

In the wake of indoor gathering bans and venue closures, the industry is facing severe economic fallout. The sector that previously generated $23 billion has taken a huge hit and with events out of the question for the foreseeable future, the income stream for many businesses and workers has all but ceased.

Not only was the industry one of the first to be impacted by coronavirus restrictions and concerns, with companies forced to cancel events as early as January, but considering the substantial amount of time and resources required to organise festivals and large-scale events, many fear that the industry may be one of the last to enter a recovery phase.

The petition requests substantial and immediate financial stimulus for the Events Industry, claiming it is not seeing the same level of support as tourism and hospitality sectors.

At the time of writing, the petition has reached 6,339 signatures. The closing date for signatures is 11:59pm AEST on Wednesday April 22, after which point it will be submitted to the House of Representatives.

Sign the petition and find out more here

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