Swamplands is paying tribute to female songwriters with Sirens and Songs

From the voices of early blues to the women of modern punk.

It’s no secret that women have been sorely underrepresented in the music industry since day dot, so to shine a light on some of the incredible female forces through the ages, Swamplands are hosting Sirens and Songs: A Tribute to Female Songwriters.

A special series of tribute gigs celebrating the most influential female songwriters and performers across a range of genres and eras, Sirens and Songs: A Tribute to Great Female Songwriters will take place on the last Sunday of each month across autumn until winter. Moving through a historical timeline, the series will explore the works of women in early blues, modern punk, indie, electronic and rock’n’roll.

The first instalment of the series is set to take place on Sunday April 28 and will focus on three towering talents; Billie Holiday, Bessie Smith and Joni Mitchell through performances by Peny Bohan, Mish Allen and Aaron Allen. Whether you’re an avid fan of the women being immortalised through the series or you’re looking for a music history lesson, Sirens and Songs: A Tribute to Female Songwriters isn’t to be missed.

Not only does this series highlight the contributions of female musicians to the multi-faceted music industry we see today, but it also serves to remind us of those who persevered in a male-dominated industry and came out on top.