Sunfruits’ debut EP, ‘Certified Organic’, is an addictive psychedelic trip

Sunfruits’ debut EP, ‘Certified Organic’, is an addictive psychedelic trip

Pic: Ivy Rose
Words by Tom Parker

This EP is coloured top to toe with blissful psychedelics.

Melbourne band Sunfruits are like going to the local milk bar and selecting a tasty assortment of lollies at the end of a long day at school.

“I’ll get two milk bottles, three clouds, a racing car and three licorice allsorts, thanks.”

Not only does the namesake track of the band’s debut EP detail that nostalgic luxury, but the band’s psychedelic pop is so sweet it would have any kid salivating at the mouth.

Certified Organic comes after the release of a bunch of singles and the band’s 2019 split 7” with Noodle House, but it’s this record that cements the band’s foothold in the Melbourne psych scene. Winnie McQuinn’s drawl perfectly compliments the cosmic tomfoolery taking place behind it – the sunny clatter of percussion, drums, vocoder and guitars recall ‘60s psych trailblazers The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band or Ultimate Spinach.

The EP’s highlights come at the release’s bookends. The bouncy rhythm of ‘Above The Clouds’ juxtaposes a stark tale of an apocalyptic world – yet “everything’s alright, everything’s ok”, according to Sunfruits. The final track, ‘Change’, is equally sprightly as McQuinn implores someone to look at themselves in the mirror. The chorus leaps behind a swirling vocoder – let’s hope Winnie gets his message across.