StoryVille is serving up some red hot dishes for Melbourne Fringe Festival

StoryVille is serving up some red hot dishes for Melbourne Fringe Festival


As a venue, what made you want to get involved with Melbourne Fringe this year?

For two-and-a-half weeks in September, Melbourne Fringe transforms our city into a platform for every kind of artform imaginable, supporting over 3,000 artists to present 450+ works in 170+ venues to more than 360,000 people. Fringe embraces risk through the uncurated festival which supports anyone to participate. We celebrate freedom of artistic expression, we take voices from the margins and amplify them across the city.

What events will you be presenting this year?

This September, StoryVille opens its gates to welcome three talented acts as part of Melbourne Fringe 2019. You’ll find Jimeoin, Lee Ton as well as The Unravelling take over our cosy library upstairs.

What should punters be drinking at StoryVille this Fringe?

Goblet of Flames is by far our biggest seller. This is StoryVille’s warm up act, try one of these before the show and then try another and another – they can be addictive. Arriving flaming at your table, just be sure to extinguish the fires before you take a sip.

You’ve also got tasty jaffles to please the foodies. Tell us a bit more about these.

If you’re looking for something spicy, you can’t go pass our Teenage Mutant Ninja jaffle with hot salami, marinated capsicum, black olives and mozzarella. Or try something sweet with our Forbidden Apple jaffle with apple, walnuts, cinnamon and custard. We also have the cheesy Three Aussie Mice or the clucky Chicken Little jaffle. Make sure you order quickly, as we host a lot of hungry monsters!

StoryVille comes alive with the colour of Melbourne Fringe when the festival goes down from Thursday September 12 to Sunday September 29. Check out the Fringe website to see what events they have in store.