Stone Submarines’ self-titled debut album is a psychedelic odyssey

Stone Submarines’ self-titled debut album is a psychedelic odyssey

Stone Submarines
Words by Tom Parker

For the Aussie psych-lovers.

Psych-rock enthusiasts will enter a frenzy once they wrap their ears around Moscow-based band Stone Submarines’ debut self-titled album.

‘Jack’s Adventure in a Concrete Forest’ is a rollicking opener that brings to mind booming psych locals Buried Feather, and the similarly inclined Mt. Mountain from Perth.

The song is the perfect launchpad for an album that unfurls into something out of a Horrors handbook. Lead vocalist Nikolay Morozov adorns his Faris Badwan cape, his singings curling around the spacious melodies like a sloth on a tree.

Their 2017 EP Monster Wave set the blueprint for their sonic footprint, but on Stone Submarines, the four-piece have really tightened their sound – something which Grammy-winning producer Brian Lucey, who mastered the album, might have had a hand in.

Through the core of the album, listeners are greeted with the pulsing ‘Revolver’, ‘Downtown’ – a thumping psych anthem – and ‘She Said’, another track that exhibits the band’s appetite for sky-reaching hooks.

Stone Submarines are out here writing tracks for big stages and while their reputation belies such ambition at this moment, it will be interesting to see where album one takes them.