Spooktober at Luna Dark with The Countess

Spooktober at Luna Dark with The Countess

When you’ve been married for 289 years, you need to spice things up, especially at our favourite Halloween time. Fortunately enough for us, two Halloween powerhouses, Spooktober and Luna Dark, are uniting to terrify Melbourne and create all things spooky at the iconic Luna Park.

So, to keep in the Halloween ‘know’, my husband, Count Dracula and I, the Countess, have decided, as Halloween royalty, to be the ambassadors for Spooktober at Luna Dark – it can get awfully boring when you sleep in a coffin and drink blood for an eternity.

Spooktober at Luna Dark is an eight-night and four-day spooktacular Halloween Festival for all ages that has it all – top notch scary and not so scary haunts, thrilling rides/activations, music, food and entertainment galore.

So, as part of our new role, we will be keeping things tame by day for the littlies, but terrifying by night for the older Halloween fiends, and yes, we will be feasting on gory morsels to keep our energy up!

If you wish to catch our scary selves, make sure you get a ticket for the Extreme Phobia Haunted House where we’ll be wandering around 20 of the greatest phobias brought to life. You’ll enter darkness and walk the hallways packed full of slithery snakes, maniacal clowns and countless other horrific phobias of the worst kind. Eek!

The Count adores fairytales, especially ones with an eerie twist, so catch us when you’re wondering through the enchanting Haunted Fairytales experience. Explore eight rooms, each featuring a favourite fairytale, and encounter friendly characters scaring and delighting. I promise a visual and interactive experience like no other. Picture a spooky art gallery where everything comes to creepy life.

To calm your nerves after a fright, come and join the Count and I at the Haunted Spirits Bar. Unfortunately they aren’t serving my special ‘Blood on the Rocks’ shot, but it is the perfect place to sip on a Poisoned Apple Mojito and listen to headline act, The Engagement. I’m practising my dance moves already, like the ones I danced on Halloween 1650. I can still remember feeling winded from the tight corset!

Luna Park’s famous rides is our other go to when we need a breather from our hosting duties. Join us on the spooky carousel and watch the creepy shadows as your horse enters the forest or take a twilight spin on the 107-year-old Scenic Railway with my pet werewolf.

To keep your little Draculas and devils extra happy and sugared up, head to the free Trick or Treat Trail. Explore the trail, stopping at zombie stations along the way to refuel. It’s so much fun with many friendly Halloween characters and no scares.

Although we won’t be needing it, you mere mortals can add SFX to your Halloween guises at the Ghastly Glamour SFX Parlour and then pose with your creepy crew at the fang-tastic photo booth.
Go on, don’t be a sad spook and come see us along with all the living dead characters fresh from the nearby cemeteries; creepy cadavers and blood-curdling zombies lurking around everywhere. The fun and frights of your life are waiting!

This event is ticketed and will sell out, so jump online at tickets.halloween.melbourne now. That’s it from me, my coffin-bed is calling (again, sigh)! But I must get my beauty sleep for what’s coming.

Spooktober at Luna Dark goes down for eight days from Friday October 25 to Sunday November 3 at Luna Park. As The Countess has advised, head to tickets.halloween.melbourne now to secure your spot.