Sleep Talk’s ‘Everything In Colour’ is a resounding debut from the emerging heavy band

By Rhys McKenzie

The LP sees the band inquisitive in their songwriting and lyrical craft.

After their widely-received 2016 EP Growing Pains and a cavalcade of singles, Sleep Talk has finally released their debut album Everything In Colour, and it’s rather stimulating.

Decorated with dark and gloomy themes, the LP is written with poetic, emotionally harsh lyrics.  Their single ‘Slowfade’ treads on the relatable with themes of isolation and decay, while some songs are vulnerable such as ‘New Tradition’ – “It’s all the same to me, I’m sleeping in my dream” lines the barefaced expose. Sleep Talk are quite subtle with their motifs, complimented ardently by lead vocalist, Jacob Clement’s growls of death.

Under their candid lyrics, Sleep Talk are adventurous, almost restless in their melodious approach. Keeping their song lengths short and sweet, they wander through alternate genres seamlessly, whether it’s the album’s fluid openers, to the harshness and haunting riffs of the track ‘Sleep Talk’.

Keenly juxtaposing the demeanour of their vocals and melodies, it’s obvious the Adelaide five-piece have put significant effort into their palate. If listeners can find patience in themselves, they’ll cometo realise that Everything In Colour is an incredibly durable release.