Single premiere: Floodlights bring a smile to your face with the divinely Australian, ‘Happiness’

Single premiere: Floodlights bring a smile to your face with the divinely Australian, ‘Happiness’

Words by Tom Parker

The divinely Australian-sounding rockers have a delivered a treat.

Are you across Floodlights, the rising Melbourne outfit who forage in the grasses of ’80s Australian alternative rock and Clean-like ’90s jangle-pop? If not, then it’s time to get them on your radar.

Today, we’re premiering the band’s new track, ‘Happiness’, a track that’s strewn with optimism and hope. It’s the perfect antidote to the chaos of today and will provide a sense of familiarity for fans of The Triffids or The Go-Betweens.

Contemporary local rock storytellers, The Ocean Party, Scott & Charlene’s Wedding and Dick Diver, are others who straddle the same line of candid, rustic Australiana. It’s really exciting to see another band of the same ilk coming into their own – it’s clear Floodlights have everything ahead of them.

“Happiness circles around the notion of having conviction in what you want to do. Opportunities are constantly passed up in the hope of something better, just around the corner. Plans are always delayed and changed while waiting for a perfect time that might never come. Until the plunge is taken, a smile may never reach its full extension,” the band’s lead vocalist Louis Parsons says of the track.

So where will we see Floodlights next? A recent signing to Spunk Records and it’s clear this burgeoning four-piece are onto a good thing with their classic Australian sound.

Check out the audio clip of the new track below:

Floodlights’ new single, ‘Happiness’, is out tomorrow via Spunk Records. Give it a spin via streaming services when it drops.

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