Shotgun Mistress share the story behind their latest single, ‘No Friend of Mine’

Shotgun Mistress share the story behind their latest single, ‘No Friend of Mine’

Shotgun Mistress

What led you to form Shotgun Mistress?

During the time I’ve played extreme metal, I’ve always loved hard rock bands, maybe more than death/black metal bands. In the last few months I’ve just started jamming that music with a few friends and it’s been great.

Shotgun Mistress has seen a shift into rock territory. How’s the transition been?

It’s been awesome to play something different with some different people. The whole process is a lot more organic than the metal bands I’ve played with. Less riffs, less technicality, less technology. Just turn it up loud and smash out some rock.

What’s the story behind your new single, ‘No Friend of Mine’?

The song’s aim was to shine light on domestic violence but with a positive ending of freedom. ‘No Friend Of Mine’ is the reaction we’d give to the abuser if the little velvet boy was trying to breeze it off like nothing happened.

Your debut album is in the works, is there a release date and what can we expect from it?

We’re currently in the preproduction stage, getting everything solid before we go into the studio in July. Hopefully the album will be released in November. It’ll be an absolute belter of a hard-rock album.

Are there upcoming gigs Shotgun Mistress fans should look out for?

We’ve not stopped writing and suddenly, we’re preparing to record. We forgot to play any shows! We’ll be hitting the stage soon now we’ve got a catalogue of banging songs.

‘No Friend of Mine’ is out now. For more from Shotgun Mistress, head to the band’s Facebook page.