The ‘Rick and Morty’ season four premiere date is in sight

Rick and Morty
Image by Adult Swim

Aw geez, the wait is nearly over: A release date for Rick and Morty season four has been confirmed.

Rick and Morty was originally thought to be in limbo after the end of season three back in 2017. However, co-creator Justin Roiland revealed in May 2018 that 70 more episodes were in the works. Since then, fans have been playing the waiting game.

The fourth season of Rick and Morty will be coming to Adult Swim in November 2019. But hey, don’t take our word for it; hear the good news from Rick and Morty themselves.

In weird but nonetheless related news, Rick and Morty’s creators have invited Kanye West to jump on board and create his own episode. It’s well established that Ye is a fan of the show, having shared his joy when it was renewed for a fourth season.