Pop superstar Troye Sivan brought the party to Margaret Court Arena

Pop superstar Troye Sivan brought the party to Margaret Court Arena

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Words by Priya Francis
Photos by BandAnna Photography

It was Sivan’s final show of his Australian Bloom run and he made every moment count.

Troye Sivan has come a long way from making YouTube videos in his bedroom in Perth, which made one of the final stops on his Bloom tour here in Melbourne at Margaret Court Arena all the better.

Sivan’s younger brother Tyde Levi opened the show, doing an amazing job to set the party atmosphere. Clearly, while it’s evident the talent runs in the family, so does the fanbase. Everyone in the mosh pit sang along to his original songs and jumped at his command. Thelma Plum followed soon after, and as the arena continued filling up, her awkward stage banter and soulful voice kept the audience laughing and singing along.

Following his ongoing tradition of having a theme for every show, there were plenty of Britney Spears’, Michael Jackson’s, Ariana’s and Spice Girls’ amongst the crowd, getting around the ‘pop’ theme for the final show of this leg of the tour.

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When it was time for Sivan to step onto stage, everyone in the audience went wild, as he appeared from behind a curtain. Ethereal tune, ‘Seventeen’ served as the perfect opener to the show, allowing Sivan to take complete control of the stage, right from the moment he stepped into the lights, to the moment the heavy curtains dropped to reveal the rest of his band and the large platform he was standing on.

‘Bloom’ followed soon after, maintaining the palpable energy that radiated from Sivan. ‘HEAVEN’, from his debut album Blue Neighbourhood allowed for Sivan to reach out to his huge LGBTIQ+ fanbase, many of whom were already waving their flags around in the mosh, while he did the same on stage.

Margaret Court momentarily turned into a nightclub as soon as the synthesised intro for ‘1999’, the single from Sivan and Charli XCX rang through the speakers, and anyone who was still in their seat at that point had no other choice but to get up and join the party. If anything, no-one had as much fun as Sivan, who gyrated and catwalk-ed confidently across the stage.

He continuously took breaks in between songs to talk to those he could hear in the screaming mosh pit in front of him. He complimented costumes, thanked all his parents’ friends for coming and took a group panoramic video on a fan’s phone.

With a beautifully played classical piano solo as it’s intro, ‘Postcard’ was performed by Sivan up on the platform, draped across a leather couch, and gave way to ‘The Good Side’, an acoustic ballad that had everyone in the audience singing along.

The energy was lifted back up with ‘BITE’, the heavy-hitting bass giving Sivan a chance to bring his alluring theatrics to the stage. The party continued with ‘Dance To This’, his collaboration with Ariana Grande, before he finished the set with ‘Animal’, the final track from Bloom. Prior to his final song, Sivan made everyone aware that he had plans for an encore, namely, getting changed into his pop-themed costume, which meant the audience were directed to go absolutely crazy, chanting and making as much noise as possible for the encore.

“I want my ego stroked.”

The arena was filled with noise for the entire time between him leaving and returning to the stage, dressed in red overalls, tied shirt and eye-patch. It took a while, but eventually his Bowie-inspired costume became clear, and everyone was able to immerse themselves in his breakout single, ‘YOUTH’. To bring the show to a close, Sivan finished with ‘My My My!’, the four-to-the-floor anthemic single that everyone was waiting for, and he truly delivered.

Highlight: Watching Troye absolutely strut in heeled boots and red overalls during ‘My My My!’.

Lowlight: The awkward two or three minutes where everyone waited to see how Sivan would be dressed for the encore.

Crowd favourite: ‘1999’.