The world’s first earphones that learn how you listen to music


The world’s first earphones that can automatically learn and adapt to your hearing have been released by headphone company Nura.

The NuraLoop uses the same features as Nura’s signature Nuraphone headset, but with a brand new design. The earphones can either be wireless or wired for use on the go, when listening to records or when flying.

When you put the NuraLoop headset on, it starts learning how you listen to music. It then adapts the sound to match your hearing. Nura’s technology uses highly sensitive microphones and advanced signal processing to detect the activity in the cochlea, learning the frequencies that you may be more or less sensitive too.

To celebrate the release of the NuraLoop, Nura is offering a limited time 30 per cent discount for its first week. For more information and on the NuraLoop, head to their website.