Now’s the time to support the pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants who worked so hard to reopen

Now’s the time to support the pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants who worked so hard to reopen

Beer Garden
Image by Liam McKay
Words by Tom Parker

Help them out by ordering takeaway during the next period of lockdown.

The coronavirus crisis has reached another crescendo with Premier Daniel Andrews announcing metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire (encompassing Broadford, Kilmore, Seymour, Tallarook, Pyalong and Wallan) would return to stage three Stay at Home restrictions.

The announcement will mean that residents of these regions will be unable to leave their home for any reasons except for exercise, shopping for food or essential items, to provide caregiving or to seek medical treatment, or for work or study if you are unable to do so from home.

While the news is tough to stomach for many of us, think of the local pubs, bars, cafes, restaurants and other hospitality venues that just ordered their next run of stock in readiness for a weekend that would have ordinarily allowed 20 people to dine in one space.

Having just prepared their venues for reopening as restrictions were eased, they were only given approximately 34 hours of notice (yes, I did the maths) before they had to close up again. Many of these venues purchase stock a week, if not weeks in advance and now have food, alcohol and other supplies that will simply go off.

When attending our favourite venues, many of us take for granted the processes that go into making them possible and preparation is one of these. So much time and effort goes into everything before it actually happens – the fresh chicken purchased before becoming a delicious parma or the steak that’s been sourced from the local butcher or elsewhere.

With all of this in mind, there’s never been a more important time to provide support for these venues. If you are capable, support them by booking in for one last meal before things shut down at midnight on July 8 or buy some takeaway beer – many of the venues will have just propped up their stocks with punters recently running in for a tap beer.

You can also donate to these venues with some of them taking contributions via their website. For instance, The Curtin are running a ‘Pledge a Pint’ initiative where you can buy a pint now and then redeem it when things open back up again. The Tramway Hotel are running their own fundraiser gig series online that’s streamed via their Facebook and YouTube pages.

Outside of that, you’ll find The Tote and Bar Open currently running active GoFundMe campaigns. The Bendigo Hotel has also launched its own DonorBox campaign.

Then there’s the ability the buy takeaway which could be the most important ongoing contribution one could make to help the survival of these venues. Many of them will continue their food service throughout the next six weeks so poke around online – if they’re not on Uber Eats, Deliveroo or DoorDash they might just be operating their service via their website.

Imagine being kicked down, then be picked up only to be kicked down again. That is the reality for many of these venues. If we can help them in any way, big or small, it’s not only a financial boost but a moral boost. Get involved!

Some of the venues you could consider supporting are below.

The Tote
Sooki Lounge
Edinburgh Castle
The Empress
Wesley Anne
Carringbush Hotel
Dr Morse
Charles Weston Hotel
Great Northern
The Espy
The Curtin
The Bendigo Hotel
Bar Open
Welcome to Thornbury
The B.East
Baxter’s Lot
Cactus Room
The Evelyn Hotel
The Jazzlab
Laundry Bar
Murmur Piano Bar
Memo Music Hall
Welcome to Brunswick
Revolver Upstairs
Theatre Royal Castlemaine
Whole Lotta Love
The Gem
The Leadbeater Hotel
The Night Cat
The Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar
The Corner
Grace Darling Hotel

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