New theatre show ‘Let Men Tremble’ gives the patriarchy the finger

Let Men Tremble
Words by Jonti Ridley

The #MeToo movement finds theatrical reincarnation in a new production.

Theatre company The Danger Ensemble is returning with their unique brand of contemporary and experimental style to present their newest show, Let Men Tremble. 

Inspired by Nathanial Hawthorne’s novel The Scarlet Letter, the performance deep dives into the conceptual themes of sin, sex and the role of women in society. Designed as a theatrical rebellion through song, dance and pure madness, it’s a show only The Danger Ensemble could do justice. The show kicks back at the patriarchy, church and theatrical oppression itself through vivid storytelling and fine-tuned production.

Lead by award-winning director and designer Steven Mitchell Wright, Let Men Tremble is set to polarise and challenge the status quo through classic American literature and contemporary Australian theatre.

You can see Let Me Tremble for yourself from Wednesday August 14 until Sunday August 25 as part of Theatre Works’ 2019 Chapter Two Season. Tickets are available through the venue site.

Let Men Tremble

The Danger Ensemble return to Theatre Works this August with a new she-beast of a show: Let Men Tremble by the Danger Ensemble.It's a rebellion. A revolt. A clarion call. It is a battle cry against the patriarchy, the church and theatre itself. It is a liturgical slut drop dripping with song, dance and theatrical madness.Use the code GETWHET until Aug 1st for $20 Early Bird Tickets. Book now: http://bit.ly/letmentrembleVideo by Steven Mitchell Wright and Amelie Marandet.Music by IMMNNC from Fugue.

Posted by Theatre Works on Thursday, 11 July 2019