Monique Brumby : Monique Brumby

This is a beautiful collection of tracks, all delivered in Monique Brumby’s unmistakably glorious, unique voice – covering love, loss and the stuff of other human problems. It’s got a different flavour from her last release, Skeleton’s Polka. It’s paying definite homage to the ‘80s. While earlier releases were more in your alt-country/pop/rock vein, this is almost exclusively ‘80s driven synth/electro pop, overlaid with her beautiful voice. It’s different, but it’s good different.
Brumby herself claims that this album is a nod to Suzanne Vega, Eurythmics and Prince, but there are others. For instance, In This Game sports synthesizer worthy of Devo; Dragonfly has a distinctly The Church-like feel to its instrumentation and Forever Gone starts with a wail that is Siouxsie Sioux through and through.
One of these tracks is not like the other ones. Sure, Underground starts with some suitably Atari like noises, but it morphs into something a lot swampier – a little bit country, a little bit rockabilly. It’s a tale of nighttime and the steamy, seamy underbelly.
“This place was built with love and mortar. By the labourer, the pastor and their daughters. And in the night when the lights go down, they go to the underground. At the gate you’ll be greeted by beautiful dancers, burlesque, undress, the enchanted.” Cool.
Best Track: Hang On Babe
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In A Word: Splendid