Music Victoria announces free memberships for the entire Victorian music industry

Music Victoria announces free memberships for the entire Victorian music industry

Words by Tom Parker

Fantastic news.

Music Victoria have been closely monitoring the financial impact of coronavirus on Victorian careers and businesses and have come up with an incredibly generous initiative. The body that’s crucial in its representation of everyone from musicians to venue bookers to sound engineers and beyond, will be offering free one-year memberships to anyone that fits under the Victorian music industry umbrella.

The initiative commences on Monday May 4, and everyone is encouraged to share the word far and wide – a Music Victoria membership paves the way for careers to commence and careers to blossom. More details will come out the morning of Monday May 4, but Music Victoria CEO Patrick Donovan has told us that this will apply to all memberships apart from platinum members and council members.

“We’re encouraging everyone in the music industry to join up as a free member before June 30,” Donovan told Beat Magazine. “It’s important we have a large cross-section of the industry in our membership base so we can ensure that we’re consulting and hearing all of the views so we can be best placed to lobby and provide support for the whole industry.

“We have memberships for under-18s, musicians, bands, sound engineers and other music industry professionals, venues and festivals [and more],” Donovan continued. “The more members we have, the more powerful our advocacy will be.”

Music Victoria offers 11 memberships, which range from everything from under-18s all the way to festivals and venues. There’s also memberships for music lovers (non-musicians who are supporters of music), musicians, a ‘Music Industry Professional’ membership that encompasses managers, booking agents, venue bookers, publicists, journalists, radio hosts and more, as well as memberships for small business and non-profit organisations. That’s just the start.

A Music Victoria memberships scores you a raft of opportunities, including advertising, a range of discounts on everything from Little Red Trucks delivery to merchandise production and retail. You are also given the right at the Music Victoria Annual General Meeting and are eligible to feature in the Members Moments section of the monthly Music Victoria newsletter.

The free one-year memberships begin from Monday May 4 and will remain free for anyone who signs up before Tuesday June 30. For anyone who signed up to become a member from the beginning of March when the coronavirus hit, they’ll also receive an additional one-year on their membership for free.

You can find out more about the range of memberships on offer at the Music Victoria website and find out more about the benefits here. Stay tuned until Monday morning as more information comes to light.

Music Victoria does rely on memberships to run the office so if you are in a position where you can donate, you can do so via the website