Melbourne singer Rich Webb takes home two Independent Music Awards

Rich Webb

Straight to the pool room.

Melbourne Americana singer Rich Webb has gone home a winner after nabbing two Independent Music Awards with his latest record, Le Rayon Vert.

The record earned Webb the 2019 Independent Music Award alt-country album, in addition to the alt-country single for ‘Let It Rain’. The album was unveiled in 2018 after being recorded in Europe and mixed by BAFTA-winning sound engineer Howard Bargroff.

Webb said Le Rayon Vert is inspired by the 1986 French film of the same name, but it’s not a concept album.

Le Rayon Vert is a French film we liked wayback when — the premise behind it is that if you see the green ray as the sun goes down, you will be able to read the mind of the person you are with and they will be able to read yours,” Webb said.

Have a listen to the award-winning record Le Rayon Vert below:

Le Rayon Vert is out now via streaming services.