Melbourne DIY label Dart Echo reveals six-part mix series, starring producers from all across the world

Melbourne DIY label Dart Echo reveals six-part mix series, starring producers from all across the world

Words by Tom Parker

Spanning six mixes, the series summons artists from Amsterdam, Kiev, Melbourne and Sydney.

First emerging in October, Melbourne electronic record label Dart Echo didn’t muck around in the early going; their first mix came courtesy of revered local producer Rings Around Saturn and suddenly the indie already had a big name under their belt.

The chaos of 2020 meant Dart Echo had to change their launch strategy – while many labels would kick things into gear with a string of releases and corresponding parties, Dart Echo accepted the commotion before them and instead chose to release a series of DJ and live mixes that underpinned their vision.

Following the release of Mix #001, Dart Echo produced an additional six mixes celebrating the wide expanses of the electronic music spectrum. Starring producers from both home and abroad, Dart Echo summoned artists from Amsterdam, Kiev and Sydney to accompany Melburnians, Lily July, Lara K, RUPA and the aforementioned Rings Around Saturn.

So what can punters expect from the mix series? Well, Mix #002 brings the echoic, ethereal sounds of Dutch producer Qi M0N0 to the fore; Mix #003 follows suit with a serene 60-minute odyssey from Melbourne’s RUPA.

Mix #004 is Lily July’s foray into space, one that commences with rollicking drum and bass before opening up into more ambient tones. Then it’s onto Lara K, one of Melbourne’s most exciting electronic talents, who on Mix #005 explores a whole gamut of electronic sub-genres.

Capping off the six mixes come adventures from Sydney’s moloch.exe and Kiev’s A.Mogila. The former of the two is a burning techno mix that would be perfectly suited to the sunrise set at Golden Plains, while for Mix #007, A.Mogila elevates the BPM even further for a blistering hour of transcendental acid-laced techno.

Check out all the mixes below:

Mix #002 – Qi M0No

Qi-M0N0 opens with an assiduous selection of rolling left-field sounds with a particular focus on mid-tempo tracks with vocal oddities.

Mix #003 – RUPA

RUPA follows with a superb mix of well-rounded electro and modern breaks, beginning gently before cranking the heat up with belters from the likes of Rudolf C and Ex-Terrestrial.

Mix #004 – Lily July

Lily July jumps into the high gears of drum and bass before weaving an immaculate blend of contrasting tones and sounds that gradually cools down in the second half, all picked out by an ear that is evidently far reaching and curious.

Mix #005 – Lara K

Lara K smears the lines of conventional mixing by expertly selecting a non-linear myriad of sounds and feelings, leaping from serious head-bangers to more contemplative and wandering tones.

Mix #006 – moloch.exe

moloch.exe’s 60 minutes reeks of electrical burning, with smouldering 303 lines, bleeping melodies and spanking 808 drum kits defining a classic mix that could have been ripped straight off a 1988 cassette.

Mix #007 – A.Mogila

A.Mogila wastes no time in getting the ball rolling, with the DJ serving up a blistering hour of transcendental techno full of bleeping acid lines and clattering breaks that closes with a gentle simmering.

Find out more about Dart Echo via their Facebook and SoundCloud page.

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