Meg Mac hopes everyone can relate to her latest LP

Meg Mac hopes everyone can relate to her latest LP

Meg Mac
Words by Priya Francis

Returning home from touring overseas, Meg Mac has released her new mini-album.

It’s always good welcoming a homegrown talent back to the country and Meg Mac is equally as excited as fans that she’s finally home. Having just performed sold-out shows across the UK, USA and Europe, Mac’s arrival coincides with the release of her third single, ‘I’m Not Coming Back’ from her new mini-album, Hope.

‘I’m Not Coming Back’ is the third in a stream of singles from the album, following on from the release of ‘Give Me My Name Back’ and ‘Something Tells Me’. ‘I’m Not Coming Back’ welcomes the beautiful layered harmonies fans have come to expect from Mac, paired with a powerful chorus that hits you in the gut.

Mac’s had a busy few years. It was back in 2014 when she released ‘Roll Up Your Sleeves’ and she followed it up with her self-titled album, Low Blows in 2017. When asked what she’s been up to since those releases and their subsequent success, the answer is simple.

“I went straight into writing what’s now this album, Hope.”

With three powerful singles already proving popular with audiences around the world, it’s exciting to think fans now have an entirely new collection of songs with Hope.

‘Give Me My Name Back’ is the first of the three singles released, and one that Mac’s intensely passionate about. Having been released on tour, the reaction from fans has been instantaneous. It’s also one of her favourite songs to perform during live shows. “People were kinda like, ‘Oh, what’s this?’. I released it while I was on tour…now I get to see some people who’ve learnt the words and are singing along.”

‘Something Tells Me’ presented the opportunity to join forces with some Australian music industry heavyweights, namely Grammy award winning songwriter Sarah Aarons and producer M-Phases, and the result is an anthemic, unapologetic ballad.

And now with ‘I’m Not Coming Back’ finally out, Mac is keen to share another story before Hope is released and it’s a song with a universal message.

“I think everyone can relate to it, having someone who’s really only around when they need something from you. But then they’re never really there for you when you need them…I think I’ve even been that person sometimes.”

Audiences at both international and Australian shows have had the pleasure of hearing old favourites as well as these new releases, and it’s clear in her conviction when she speaks that the live shows mean a lot to her.

“I want audiences to really be in that moment with me. Touring has been my favourite part of it all. I can’t tell you how much I just love being on stage and performing.”

With her sold-out tour nearly over, Mac is prepped to follow it up with a set at Splendour In The Grass, and though daunting, she can’t wait.

“Playing festivals is so different. You’re outside, there’s so many other bands playing, but I love it. The entire day is just so fun, especially a festival like Splendour In The Grass. It’s insane stepping on stage and seeing how many people are there. So different to performing at my own headline show where you know how many people are coming…you just have no idea at a festival.”

Having spent so much time on this record, the growth is evident, and Hope presents a different side to Meg Mac; one filled with new sounds, a slightly darker sonic, a series of stories she’s intent to tell and the ever present, over-arching message of hope.

Catch Meg Mac at Splendour In The Grass from Friday July 19 until Sunday July 21 at North Byron Parklands. Hope is out now via littleBIGMAN records/EMI.