Meet the new electronic mix series designed to motivate your iso workouts

Meet the new electronic mix series designed to motivate your iso workouts

Words by Sam Howard

Channel your pent-up dancefloor energy into a different kind of endorphin hit.

There’s no doubt that isolation has driven most of us a little crazy. With no dance floor gatherings and most forms of group activity considered illegal, it makes sense that many of us feel less than centred.

One of the best ways to keep your sanity in these tricky times is a good old adrenalin reliever in the form of exercise. Xander Byng – a keen runner turned keen dancer, and one part of local legendary label Houses in Motion – saw the current state of he world as an opportunity to motivate himself and others to transfer their party energy elsewhere.

One of many missing the Australian dance community, he decided to start Work It – a mix series dedicated to making workout music good, fun and a little bit silly, featuring awesome mixes by locals.

“Google ‘workout music’ and you’re faced with the usual suspects,” Xander said. “Whereas Work It will be a diverse curation with exciting selections when you need that extra motivation.”

With a solid group of local artists already saying ‘yes’ to the project, the mix series’ inaugural mix comes from JPS, chief of euphoric drum and based legends The Operatives who celebrated their 15th birthday earlier this year.

Xander saw isolation as an opportunity for many of his friends to get back into exercising to keep sane, as well as helping to set and achieve goals. “I often make mixes for my mates and this has prompted requests for tracks like from Missy Elliot – who is a G,” he added.

With Australia in the midst of an unpredictable future regarding restrictions and the pandemic, despite restrictions easing for the time being, Xander says its times like these where, “It’s nice to feel connected to the local community through music and a mutual desire for self-improvement. What’s better than running than doing it while imagining you’re at Section 8 surrounded by your mates instead?”

The mix series will be ongoing, with Xander stating he’s had a great response from local artists so far. Isy Mooney of Moondog and Amiee of Lotus Moonchild will be coming up on the mix soon.

This mix by JPS is “perfect for a long run,” Xander said. “It’s important to create a community connecting people through music (as always), but also promoting people to keep healthy.”

All mixes can be found on the Soundcloud here. So, get them dancing legs pumpin’ and check it out.

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