Meet the live streamed concert series celebrating Australia’s multiculturalism

Meet the live streamed concert series celebrating Australia’s multiculturalism

Chuei Yoshikawa

Run by Victoria’s iconic multicultural music organisation, The Boite.

In response to the current crisis, Victorian multicultural music organisation The Boite have been facilitating a number of live streamed concerts over the last few weeks.

Among the successful performances were Cordillera, which flooded listeners to Andean parts of South America, alongside award-winning singer Karen Knowles who performed in collaboration with Earth Hour.

They then welcomed renowned sitarist Sarita McHarg, accompanied by Melbourne Amplified Strings (Anita Quayle on cello and Xani Kolac on violin), in a joint performance that pushed the sonic boundaries of what is possible for stringed instruments.

For their fourth instalment set to take place on Thursday May 7, The Boite presents a performance from Chuei Yoshikawa, Nick Charles and Leigh Sloggett, three artists who reside in different parts of the music spectrum.

The former of the three is one of Japan’s leading acoustic guitarists, while Charles has established himself as “Australia’s virtuoso of acoustic blues and roots guitar music”. The third artist set to perform is the locally beloved Leigh Sloggett, whose music is steeped in blues, contemporary folk and instrumental.

Following this, as part of The Boite’s Matsudo Week, they will presenting a performance spotlighting Okinawa, the southernmost island of Japan. Okinawan music draws from folk and is known for being upbeat and catchy. This performance will take place on Saturday May 9. Then on Wednesday May 20, The Boite will welcome renowned Oud player and composer, Yuval Ashkar, to perform.

Find out more about The Boite’s ‘Adapt, Not Cancel’ live streamed concert series via their website.

Catch Chuei Yoshikawa, Nick Charles and Leigh Sloggett perform live online on Thursday May 7 from 8pm, with tickets available via Trybooking.