Meet skinsNbones, the musical collaboration built on a love of rock’n’roll

Meet skinsNbones, the musical collaboration built on a love of rock’n’roll

For those who aren’t across your music, how would you describe skinsNbones in under 40 words?

skinsNbones is a collaboration of Logan and Gold Coast musos and songwriters. We’re from diverse backgrounds and experiences but the one thing we have in common is our love of rock music.

What is the message behind your music?

There’s many messages in our music which revolve around getting people to question everything, to think and not accept things as they appear, to not be ignorant to what’s really happening in the world. Discernment is crucial in this age.

What’s the story behind your new single, ‘Is There Meaning?’

There’s multiple meanings to connect with as many people possible: a painful ending, being beaten up by life, turning into a zombie. The true story: a veteran’s PTSD and resultant suicides. As intended, this song brings feelings of connection to people who need it, of all ages. It’s the meaning behind this song.

Your music is defined by Aussie rock through and through. Tell us more about your sound.

Our sound’s a combination of thumping rhythms, soaring melodies and rockin’ guitar, keeping it simple, solid, loud and heavy. It’s about the grooves and feel. It’s no bullshit, in your face, old school rock’n’roll. The louder the better!

What’s next for skinsNbones?

We’ve got another single being released late April with this lineup and heading back to Rocking Horse Studios to record more songs with Paul Pilsneniks. Being a collaboration, the lineup may not always be the same but we’ll always be skinsNbones.

skinsNbones’ new single, ‘Is There Meaning?’, is out now. Give it a spin via SoundCloud and find out more about the band at