Lowheart deliver a 16-song behemoth with new album ‘Gravel or Gold’

Lowheart deliver a 16-song behemoth with new album ‘Gravel or Gold’

Words by Rhys McKenzie

With 16 songs on its tracklist Gravel or Gold has its highs and lows.

Victorian duo Lowheart, productive as ever, have released another decent-sized album in Gravel or Gold.

While being extremely generous with the number of songs they’ve laid out on the record, Lowheart still have plenty of pub rock to disperse.

‘Some Kinda Love’ ignites a groovy punk vibe with cool harmonica and guitar work. ‘Falling Fast’ faces up as probably the most melodic song on the album with its old-fashioned country acoustic feel, while ‘Ain’t All That’ has an easy-going, toe-tapping blues rock rhythm.

‘The Darkness’ is the standout, lyrically conjuring relatability through its depiction of a depressive state against an acoustic backdrop.

However, the album has its stumps. ‘Kicked to the Curb’ could have been its most energetic song but becomes sidetracked by its chorus vocals. ‘Everything’s Changed’ suffers from the same problem, with the musicality also letting it down. ‘Heading Down the Road’ and ‘Family Man’ cross over into filler territory. 

It’s hard doing an album of this size, and Lowheart do get points for the diversity shown across Gravel or Gold. Though they also lose some for the tracks that don’t quite hit the mark.