A rare coffee blend is being sold for a whopping $100 per cup

A rare coffee blend is being sold for a whopping $100 per cup

Photography by Fahmi Fakhrudin

But is it better than Melbourne coffee?

A coffee roasting company in California is selling cups of what appears to be the most expensive coffee in the world.

The blend, Elida Natural Geisha 803, is sourced from Panama and worth $803 USD ($1,100 AUD) per pound wholesale. Only 100 pounds of Elida Natural Geisha 803 was made available worldwide, and Klatch Coffee Roasters in California owns the only 10 pounds in the US. Because of how rare and high-quality it is, Klatch is selling a cup of this brew for a gobsmacking $75 USD ($100 AUD). According to ABC7 in the US, the flavour has been described as “fruity” and “blueberry-like”.

Baristas who work at Klatch have to complete 406 hours of training before working at the roasting company, and even they were extra careful when preparing the blend. Elida Natural Geisha 803 is organic, single-sourced, fair trade certified and just won the Best of Panama competition, so it sounds like a good cup of joe.

For more information on the exorbitantly-priced coffee, head to Klatch’s website.