‘Kill Your Friends’ is a competitive new adult card game bound to brew some rivalries

‘Kill Your Friends’ is a competitive new adult card game bound to brew some rivalries

Kill Your Friends is the new card game that gives the mischievous Cards Against Humanity a run for its money.

Inspired by the confronting and taboo subject matter of the aforementioned game and the fast competitive game play of UNO, Kill Your Friends was devised as an adult-themed game amplifying the natural competitiveness and aggressive nature of people playing card and board games.

Kill Your Friends plays like an aggressive version of UNO crossed with Survivor. You win by being the last player remaining in the game or the first player with no cards. It is a quick
and easy game to learn and play – games take between five and 20 minutes to play, but there is a clear tactical element to win that quickly builds a fun rivalry between friends.

There’s a few special cards, such as the “Reaper” and “Head Swap” cards, that can turn the game on its head just when you think you have things under control. This makes the game
truly unpredictable.

While the game is positioned to evoke the natural competitiveness in people who play card and board games, there is a greater message here. Each card features a unique “death”, some of which are just a bit of fun and silly, and others which provide a crude, shocking and provoking social commentary of topics such as depression, police brutality, addiction, health trends and much more. This is intended to push a few buttons and provide a point of conversation around the table.

Find out more about Kill Your Friends and purchase the game at killyourfriends.co.