Internet husband Jeff Goldblum is getting his own all-night film marathon

Jeff Goldblum

Life, uh, finds a way.

Everyone’s dream husband Jeff Goldblum is being celebrated with an all-night film marathon as part of the Melbourne International Film Festival 2019 program.

Punters can expect screenings of classic films Earth Girls Are Easy and Independence Day, in addition to more recent Goldblum flicks like The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and Thor: Ragnarok. Kicking off at 11.30pm at the Astor Theatre, MIFF is promising more than 12 hours of Goldblum goodness.

Last year’s marathon celebrated the talent of Nicolas Cage, so it’s clear MIFF is well tuned to whatever actors the internet has been frothing for the past 12 months. Fingers crossed for a Steve Buscemi one next year.

The Jeff Goldblum marathon will be held on Friday August 9 as part of the Melbourne International Film Festival. For more info, head to the festival website.