Is David Lynch reviving his daily weather report?

Is David Lynch reviving his daily weather report?

Words by Kate Streader

The beloved filmmaker returned with his first weather report in ten years yesterday.

It’s been a decade since David Lynch last gave us a weather update from sunny Los Angeles as part of his daily weather report for radio station Indie 103.1, but it appears he’s dabbling with meteorology once again.

In the mid-2000s, the renowned filmmaker began giving brief weather reports for the LA radio station as well as posting accompanying short videos in which he simply gives a weather update for LA.

Sitting in a nondescript office cubicle, the segments see Lynch describe the weather – usually depicting “blue skies” and “golden sunshine” – in clips usually lasting around 20-30 seconds.

The strange series even saw him invite longtime collaborator Laura Dern to join him for one edition in which she silently sat beside him holding up a piece of paper with the date on it.

After hanging up his weatherman hat ten years ago, Lynch arbitrarily returned with a weather report yesterday which he posted on his new YouTube account and shared as a Tweet.

Appearing to be filmed in the same office cubicle as the original weather reports, this may very well signal the return of his daily weather updates.

Check out David Lynch’s new YouTube channel here

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