Introducing Beat’s new podcast ‘Turning Heads’, the interview series spotlighting local artists

Introducing Beat’s new podcast ‘Turning Heads’, the interview series spotlighting local artists

Image by Annelise Rowell

Hosted by music aficionado and Beat writing guru, Augustus Welby.

Hey Beat readers,

Augustus Welby here to tell you about my new podcast, Turning Heads. It consists of myself talking to musicians about their creative process, new releases, lives, views, habits and plenty of other fun stuff. I’ll probably talk a bit about myself too – why else do people get into podcast game?

Turning Heads will be coming out weekly and you can find it on Apple, Spotify, and Podbean. Things will be skewed towards musicians who’re from Melbourne, but there’s no binding principle behind who I’ll talk to.

Episode one is available now and features a chat with Melbourne expat Xavier Bacash, who makes electronic music under the name Sonny. Xavier started the Sonny project in 2016 just after his old band, Gypsy & the Cat, split up. He moved to Copenhagen, Denmark in 2017 and got deeply involved in the local underground electronic scene, which had a pretty big influence on his music. Sonny’s debut album, Union: Integration of the Shadow came out in late April.

Our conversation centres on Bacash’s stylistic aims for Sonny, his disenchantment with the Australian music scene, and how Danish life and language influenced his creative decision making.

Who am I, anyway? I’m a freelance music, arts and culture writer based in Melbourne. I was formerly Beat’s sub and assistant-editor, and continue to publish two columns in the mag – ‘Singles’ and ‘Turning heads’. The latter is devoted to new releases from local artists, and gave rise to this podcast. You can find also my work on other platforms such as Vice, Mixdown, Music Feeds, Tone Deaf, and hear my voice on Triple R.

But I digress. Please enjoy the podcast. Tell your friends. Like and subscribe and all the rest.

Check out the pod below:

You can find episode one of ‘Turning Heads with Augustus Welby’ on Apple, Spotify, and Podbean.

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