How the Australian Institute of Music stands out from other music schools

How the Australian Institute of Music stands out from other music schools

AIM has quickly become one of Australia’s leading education providers. How has it become so well respected?

As Australia’s largest music education provider and now in its 50th year, AIM has all the tools (equipment/facilities), knowledge (high quality teaching staff) and experience (teachers who all come from industry backgrounds with practical experience). We have also just finished major campus refurbishments which will significantly benefit all of our students

What does AIM offer that other education providers in the same realm don’t?

AIM’s courses are also fully dedicated to music and the performing arts, which means everyone here lives and breathes music and makes for a wonderfully collaborative environment – as opposed to other institutions who teach other things apart from music. Our teachers all have extensive experience in their professions which they all bring to the classroom.

Tell us about the courses. Are there any new courses or any you are really trying to push?

We really want to push Open Day 2019 – prospective students will have a chance to see the AIM difference for themselves plus experience our brand-new refurbished campus. All of our courses are very career driven – i.e. they focus on the practical side of things.

What do you want students to get out of their experience at AIM?

Successful careers are the biggest thing, followed by a network of friends and peers who they can collaborate with in the future.

I’m a prospective AIM student. Where and how do I enrol?

Head over to or come and visit us at our Melbourne open day.

Find AIM at 120 King St, Melbourne. Open Day 2019 is happening from 10am until 3pm on August 3. Head to for more information.