Here are the best times to check out the Geminid meteor shower tonight


The annual Geminid meteor shower will be shooting across the sky later on this evening, and you don’t want to miss out on catching a glimpse.

The end of year shower is the best one to catch because it has been growing over time. According to The Conversation, the best time for Victorians to catch the meteor shower tonight is at 11.30pm. The same goes for those from New South Wales, the ACT and Tassie. If you’re up north in Queensland, you should start to head outside at 10.30pm. Over in Perth, the peak meteor time is 11pm.

Obviously, try to find a spot where there’s not much light pollution. Don’t expect to see meteors straight after you walk outside either because it takes a while for your eyes to adjust. If you’re willing to brave the cold weather late at night, and the clouds are in your favour, you might be able to witness a Friday night miracle.