Getting To know Joyce Prescher

Getting To know Joyce Prescher


What was played when you were growing up? I grew up in a household filled with music, mainly the stuff my parents listened to. My dad introduced me to Pink Floyd and they’re still one of my favourite bands. My dad was into rock music and my mum more into folk, my music collection represents both of them. There was a lot of singing in our family, particularly on road trips. We must have driven my parents insane at times.

What music inspires you? Anything that I can feel I can get into, as long as it comes from a genuine place. I don’t like music that seems to have been created purely to make money. I absolutely love Leonard Cohen and David Bowie. I focus on lyrics a lot in music and spend a lot of time on words when writing my songs. In my live shows I crave intimacy, the sharing of stories and part of myself.

What can you tell us about your music?My music represents everything I listen to, but it’s very much folk, with hints of alt-country and Americana. My album Home, was recorded with Simon Moro at the Allan Eaton studio. It was during an emotional time in my life and I think the album has captured that.

Tell us about your album launch? I couldn’t be more excited about the venue. I have a full band including backing singers and Angie McMahon and Zoë Fox and the Rocket Clocks are supporting.