Five of Melbourne’s hottest bands, as told by rising garage rockers Baked Beans

Five of Melbourne’s hottest bands, as told by rising garage rockers Baked Beans

There’s some red hot talent here.


A sick Anti Fade collab, super tech guitar bits, real chargy. This is smart people music – the name says it all. They are compressed, speedy and Coneheads-like, one of the best punk bands going around.

Swazi Gold

If you Google Swazi Gold, you can find descriptions such as heavy citrus and pine notes, which simply explode with freshness and vibrancy when the buds are broken apart. Members of Dreamin’ Wild, Sagamore and Crepes bring surprising fresh party vibes from a bunch of coastal jangle hacks (nah jks). Their record Jehovah’s Whispers is an instant vibe for your next dinner party and/or kick-on. Next one’s on you Swazi.

Zoe Fox and the Rocket Clocks

Zoe’s track ‘Warrior Princess’ has got a ‘70s bass groove and refrain that is a stone-cold party jam with its raw guitar solo’s, synthy zips and boops all over a Nile Rodgers-esque disco riff that’ll shake ya hips. These guys easily blend a Melbourne garage flavour to everything mentioned above which gives the whole thing a really fresh feel.

Space costumes and interstellar party jams, we’ve had so much fun at Zoe’s shows. She’s an amazing songwriter and performer in all variations, whether solo or band form. A captivating artist, we couldn’t be more stoked to be playing with her at our single launch.


There’s plenty of catchy pop songs coming at you here. Alongside their jangly ‘90s party vibes and clever instrumentation, there’s some really, really good songwriting here. Frontman Jesse Turbo Williams aka ‘The Tone Ranger’ is nothing short of charismatic.


Jangly wonky pop. Their rad tunes are the result of a band that’s honed their style by playing on, what feels like, every local lineup in the past 12 months. The kind of tunes that Cate Le Bon and Tim Presley might have written if they played Auskick. They have a theremin now, it’s dope.

Baked Beans will launch their new single ‘Avalon Speedway’ at Howler on Thursday August 29. Grab your tickets here