Five bands inspiring Dip Road Dogs’ helter-skelter psych-rock sound

Five bands inspiring Dip Road Dogs’ helter-skelter psych-rock sound

The band’s Dave Chirnside gives us the lowdown on who’s inspiring Dip Road Dogs.


I first heard Goat back in 2013. The hypnotic melody, mixed with African percussion and driving bass is enough to get anyone going, especially the Dip Road Dogs. Goat live at the Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre in 2015 is still the best Meredith set I can remember… I think.

Standout track: ‘Talk to God’

The Black Angels 

The Black Angels’ sound has always intrigued us; the main reason I bought a PureSalem Tom Cat was because Christian Bland played one. He’s a self-proclaimed music nerd and the amount of time he has put into modifying his amps and pedals to create their unique sound seems exhausting. Unfortunately, buying the Tom Cat didn’t make me sound like him for obvious reasons and the guitar got stolen a few years ago so maybe that was a sign to stop copying Christian and find our own damn sound.

Standout track: ‘Entrance Song’

The Brian Jonestown Massacre

After The Dandy Warhols’ Thirteen Tales of Urban Bohemia, I jumped off their bandwagon and onto The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Their output is enormous and the variety of music over the majority of their albums is very impressive. Our guitarist Jack Pay draws a lot of inspiration from Anton Newcombe and the way he goes about recording and production on his albums, not his heroin habit.

Standout track: ‘When I Was Yesterday’


Pretty obvious this one. I love the variety and the way they push boundaries with every release – there’s always something fresh. Whether it’s just Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood playing ‘Pyramid Song’ at Glastonbury or the full five-piece band tearing up the stage, every performance is pretty special. We really liked the voice effects and manipulation on their song ‘Everything In Its Right Place’ and tried to play around with those elements on our single ‘Labour Day’, in order to get a more psych feeling to the track.

Standout track: ‘Everything In Its Right Place’.

Black Mountain

Black Mountain’s mix of rock and synth elements has been a big influence on Dip Road Dogs’ sound. They’re one of the few bands that seem to improve on every album they release – Rachel Fannan is also the coolest lady in rock at the moment. The way they alternate the male and female singing parts keeps it very fresh.

Standout track: ‘Mothers of the Sun’.

Dip Road Dogs just released their debut single, ‘Labour Day’. Give it a spin via streaming services and keep up to date with the band via their Facebook page.