Five Australian bands making irresistible dance music

Five Australian bands making irresistible dance music

Words by Sam Howard

You know the kind of music we’re talking about.

It’s the music that involves a group of groovy beat-makers who have congregated into band form and stirred up a delicious concoction of tunes you could dance to anywhere – at home, a festival, the club, in the car, on the street – and every time you hear it, you’re going to have a good time.

Here’s just a small selection of incredible local bands who produce solid dance numbers.

Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange

Boppy bongos, deep keys, warming bass, riveting drum beats and an occasional flute make up Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange. They leave crowds totally lost for words when they play, and you’ll understand why when you see them. Their vision from the beginning was to create a live band experience that transcends the DJ set. Jazz-funk, broken beat and house make up some of their inspiration, but you can’t always put a name on what comes out when they play, especially when they break out into live improvisation.


These guys sound out of this world, but they probably grew up around the corner from you. Their psychedelic funk sound pushes the boundaries of disco, jazz and more while their live performances hold you hostage. Some people would call them an electronic cosmic Tame Impala, but they definitely stand on their own planet with a sound unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. 


Cousins Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam absolutely kill it on the dance floor with their one-of-a-kind sound. They somehow manage to perfectly infuse soulful sweet melodies with electronic pop, making you shuffle your feet while kind of wanting to cry at the same time. Now they’re about to jet off on a world tour, and electronic music lovers from the States to Russia will be blessed with their inimitable sound. 

Penelope Two-Five

You’d struggle to find an electronic duo that can produce techno with lyrics over the top and actually pull it off. Penelope Two-Five emerged from the warehouse culture of Brisbane and have been giving techno and house lovers a banging time ever since. Their raw industrial sound mixed with breakbeats and cosmic synths are a pleasant surprise for any ear.


Sunnyside are a chirpy group of jammers who mesmerise their crowds with experimental, funky, psychedelic jazz sounds. They’ve quickly made a name for themselves, recently returning from the great Fuji Rock Festival. They’ll captivate you in any location, from the bar to the festival, and you’ll struggle the keep the smile from your dial whenever they play.