Fierce hardcore rockers Sleep Talk take us through their epic new album, ‘Everything In Colour’

Fierce hardcore rockers Sleep Talk take us through their epic new album, ‘Everything In Colour’

It's a huge debut statement from the emerging Adelaide outfit.

1 – ‘Lauritzen’

This song is dedicated to a very special group of people, a band that took a chance on us as young musicians and took us on tour for our first time. ‘Lauritzen’ is about the memories made on the road, and the confidence this band installed in us as a developing group of musicians. It’s also about the love we all share for each other, and how hard it is to constantly be apart from one another. ‘Lauritzen’ is a track dedicated to my best friends.

2 – ‘The Sun’

‘The Sun’ is all about being lost in translation with someone you care about deeply. Trying your hardest to both understand each other but never quite being able to get your points across and the struggles that come with this.

3 – ‘Slowfade’

Again, about the breakdown of a personal relationship. This track is about how people grow apart, without it necessarily being anyone’s fault. ‘Slowfade’ is about people getting older and realising with this maturity comes a change of lifestyle, personality, and hobbies leading you to drift apart, which is a sad reality of life.

4 – ‘Everything In Colour’

This track was written on tour years ago; we were coming up on the end of an overnight drive from Brisbane to Sydney. At about 6am there was a picturesque moment where the sun was peeking its head through a gap between to mountains and I was exhausted – quite delusional – with everyone else in the car asleep. It was a surreal moment that I could never quite capture.

5 – ‘If I Die’

‘If I Die’ is all about my impact as a musician after I’m gone. It’s the desire, I suppose, to leave some sort of legacy or success for others to talk about. The track specifically references the 27 Club, the group of special actors and musicians who all died at the age of 27.

6 – ‘New Tradition’

When writing this song, my relationship to my workplace was toxic. I’m sure other people can relate, it’s not uncommon. ‘New Tradition’ is merely asking the question, is it all worth it?

7 – ‘Shadow’

This song is an attempt to capture a point in my life where I got low and fell into a substance issue. ‘Shadow’ is about my struggle with this substance, coming to terms with the realisation I had no one else to blame but myself for my own issues and the epiphany that it was my job to change my own behaviour.

8 – ‘Allergic To The World’

When I was at university, I was studying a degree that held no interest with me. I was studying it due to peer pressure from my friends and family. ‘Allergic To The World’ is all about standing up to the expectations which get dumped on me, letting them go, and choosing to walk my own path instead.

9 – ‘Sleep Talk’

This song is about an old workmate who reached out to me, asking to potentially further our relationship and get a bit closer outside of the workplace. I turned them down for no specific reason. I was at grips with myself wondering why I decided to do that, and ‘Sleep Talk’ is a bit like an internal conversation I had with myself about opening myself up to other people more.

10 – ‘The New Year’

This track is about a special night I shared with my partner. It’s my attempt to capture a perfect moment in song.

11 – ‘Kill’

‘Kill’ is about harbouring major resentment towards someone who you thought had done you wrong. In hindsight, I maybe wish I didn’t write this song, but the emotions it portrays are still an accurate insight into how I felt at that time. I’ve grown up a lot since the recording of this song.

Sleep Talk’s debut album Everything In Colour is out now via UNFD. Listen to it on all streaming platforms.