Eight reasons you have to try El Camino Cantina’s margaritas

Eight reasons you have to try El Camino Cantina’s margaritas

Margaritas at El Camino Cantina
Words by D'Arcy McGregor

A new Tex-Mex joint has popped up in Fitzroy and the vibe is good times, cheesy Tex-Mex dishes, and huge margaritas. The food is brilliant, sure, but how do you really get your Tex-Mex place to stand out? Special margaritas. In fact, El Camino Cantina’s margaritas are so good, we’ve written a whole article on why you have to try them!

They’re so unique, they’re called ‘Ritas’

These aren’t your typical margaritas, El Camino Cantina’s ‘Ritas’ are fun, quirky and tasty – but most importantly, they’re served in a huge colourful glass. The secret inhouse recipe is what makes these Ritas super special – you can’t make these at home or find them anywhere else. What makes a good margarita? Tequila, triple sec and lime juice. What makes a great Rita? That’s an El Camino Cantina secret.

Half-priced Ritas at Happy Hour

All 15oz Ritas – frozen or on the rocks – are only $7.50 between 4pm-6pm Monday to Friday. Hard day at uni? Rita. Want to chill with a cheap drink after work? Rita. There’s an almost-half-litre happy hour Rita for every occasion – and if you sign up to El Camino Cantina’s Amigos program online, you get an extra hour of joy until 7pm.

A new, limited-edition margarita each month

On the first of each month, you can get your hands on a new limited-edition flavour. It’s flavour of the month, Rita style. They’re available in either frozen or on the rocks and in both regular and huge sizes – and they’re $7.50 at happy hour. Every month holds a special Rita, and this month you can head into El Camino Cantina to try a Vanilla Rita garnished with sprinkles and cream on top.

Ten cent wings with your Rita

What’s the best type of margarita? One that comes with ten cent wings. Every Wednesday when you buy any 24oz margarita, you’ll also score yourself ten cent wings – we know cheap wings are everyone’s weakness. Head down to El Camino Cantina and you can get up to 20 of these bad boys with any large drink.

The biggest margaritas in town

A standard margarita glass at any other bar is about 9oz – which is around 266ml (i.e. a pretty standard serving). But El Camino Cantina’s smallest Rita is 15oz (about 445ml) and their largest one is 24oz (710ml). What might be Melbourne’s biggest margaritas, we’ll take two, please. You’ll need to fuel up on some of their wonderful Tex-Mex food while you’re there, with bottomless chips and salsa complimentary.

They offer two-litre Rita towers 

If you thought the regular Ritas were massive, make way for the Rita towers. These babies are built to share with friends. They’re two litres and chock full of tequila goodness. These huge two-litre Rita towers are available on the rocks in any flavour – so what are you waiting for? Grab your mates and get your drink on.

Four different delightful flavours

Sweet, sour or with a kick? Whatever you want, they offer. You can get one of four super tasty staple flavours, which are available all year round – classic (lime), strawberry, mango, and Tropical Chilli Red Bull; a flavour for every mood or occasion. It’ll be a Rita flavour odyssey.

How about a Cadillac Rita?

What is a Cadillac Rita, you ask? It’s not a car but rather a very special upgrade from your regular Rita. How do you upgrade? Another excellent question. You pick your margarita and the lovely bartender adds a 15ml shot of Grand Marnier on top. It’s a zesty orange brandy liquor and it is the perfect addition to top your Rita.  

El Camino Cantina is now open seven days a week at 222 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. Check out elcaminocantina.com.au for more info.