DUST spill the beans on their upcoming single ‘The Longest Wave’

DUST spill the beans on their upcoming single ‘The Longest Wave’


DUST began at the start of 2019. How did the band come together in the first place?

We’d both been making music separately for a long time but a few years ago, at a family wedding, we decided to finally collaborate on our first project, a progressive rock outfit. Since then, we’ve also started DUST to explore a different sound.

Tell us about your upcoming new single, ‘The Longest Wave’. How does it differ from your debut release ‘Tears of Gold’?

The new song has a completely different vibe. ‘Tears of Gold’ is happy electro-pop, driving beats and ‘80s synths bubbling behind the vocals. ‘The Longest Wave’ is DUST’s moodier alter-ego. It starts all smoky and brooding before building to a triumphant finish.

What has the response been like from your debut single?

We’re really happy. Word of mouth is getting us some good plays across the usual platforms, and triple j Unearthed gave us a nice review, which has also helped. We’re really proud of ‘The Longest Wave’ and hope this new single will reach even more listeners.

There are plenty of genres at play with DUST. How would you describe your sound and how did you come to it?

We both have different influences – I come from an alt-rock background. As for Chops, he’s still lost in early ‘00s electronic music. Put the two together with an indie-pop twist, and DUST is what comes out.

What’s next for DUST? Is there any new music or upcoming shows on the horizon?

Yes, more music! We’re busy writing and recording, and will keep dropping singles through the rest of this year. As for live shows, we’re exploring that as our repertoire expands.

‘The Longest Wave’ is released on streaming platforms Thursday July 25.