Section 8

Section 8

Melbourne, VIC


Section 8 is the term used by the US military to describe the discharge of a soldier on mental health grounds. If you remember the classic TV show M.A.S.H, you’ll know that Klinger was constantly trying to get out of Korea on a section 8 clause.

The proprietors behind this very unorthodox laneway bar thought it was an apt name for their endeavour. After all, who converts some old freight containers into a makeshift bar and parks them down a side street? Four years later, Section 8 is a Melbourne favourite. Entirely outdoors (with appropriate covering for those afternoon showers), it’s a mix of re-conditioned freight containers, wooden crates to sit on, DJs and tropical gardens around the periphery.

While the setting is all very casual and relaxed, Section 8 offer a proper cocktail menu. Sure, you can get yourself a frosty cold one (they stock boutique beers from around the world), but if you’re after something more elaborate they also offer a mix of mojitos, mules, iced teas and more. Don’t let the outdoor setting fool you, the staff know their cocktails and appreciate that even a simple vodka, lime and soda benefits from a little attention to detail. Already a Melbourne icon, Section 8 is well worth a visit.