Dale Cornelius tells us about his new EP, ‘Ukiyo’

Dale Cornelius tells us about his new EP, ‘Ukiyo’

Photo by Clytie Meredith

Tell us about your new EP, Ukiyo. What is the story behind it? What inspired it?

Ukiyo translates from Japanese as ‘floating world’/‘fleeting life’; it’s the main inspiration for the EP, along with field recordings I made whilst travelling in Japan. Ukiyo is written as a 20-minute work, which you can stream as one long track or four singles.

You have spent a large part of your career in the film and TV industry. How do you approach writing a score compared to writing original songs?

When writing music for the screen, I’m supporting the film and its story. When writing for myself, or producing for others, the story is still vitally important to me, and I have more freedom. I like to show what lies beneath the words, to give meaning and depth, to connect emotionally.

What instruments can you play and how has your musical versatility benefited your music?

My main instrument these days is piano, but I’ve also performed and recorded, Armenian duduk, varieties of flutes and recorders from across the globe, saxophones, and clarinet. Studying orchestration when I was younger has enabled me to write for lots of different instruments, from small ensembles up to 86-piece orchestras.

Any other new music on the horizon that Dale Cornelius fans should keep an eye out for?

I’m creating more music for the Ukiyo Live Project, which combines large screen HD projections with live performers on stage. I’m also producing an album for singer-songwriter, Shenko, which I think is going to be amazing!

Dale Cornelius’ new EP, Ukiyo, is out Friday October 4. Check it out via streaming services. Find out more about Cornelius via his website.